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The changing environment, both locally and internationally, makes tax matters one of the core areas of business activities.  Tax planning and compliance may have consequences in the short, medium and long term.  Its proper management is key to ensure a successful outcome.  At DV Business Solutions we have an interdisciplinary team of experts with local and international expertise in handling tax matters, which allows us to provide personalized and specialized counseling and support.


Our services include:


Tax Consulting

  • Corporate restructuring and tax planning

  • Tax due diligence review

  • Tax diagnostics

Permanent Consulting

  • Assistance in tax compliance processes

  • Tax analysis on specific issues


Assistance in tax proceedings and litigation

  • Analysis of applicable legal rules and case law

  • Representation in legal litigation proceedings before the Tax Administration

  • Assistance in the preparation of technical documents required for tax audit 


International Tax Audit

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Comparative analysis of market prices

  • Implementation of agreements to avoid double taxation

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