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Recent changes and clarifications to the Registry of Transparency and Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Joint Resolution DGT-ICD-R-006-2020 on the guidelines for the Registry of Transparency and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (RTUBO) was published on March 30th and replaced the March 8th, 2019 Joint Resolution DGT-ICD-R-14-2019, which was in force until March 31st, the deadline to file the first RTUBO declaration.

The main change included in said resolution was the new deadline for the annual ordinary declaration, which used to be April 30th and, starting this year, it will be September 30th.

Additionally, it sets September 30th, 2020 as the deadline for the RTUBO declaration for all entities incorporated and/or that obtained a local corporate identification number between January 1st and September 30th, 2020, as well as for all those that need to file an extraordinary declaration due to ownership changes during that same period.

It also clarified the proceeding to amend declarations, either at the request of the authorities or whenever the error is detected by the entity. Likewise, it specified the information and proceedings whenever it is not possible to supply information on individuals domiciled abroad that must be included in the RTUBO declaration.

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Daniel Araya

Socio / Partner

Vladimir Blanco

Socio / Partner


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