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Relaxation of the sanitary prevention measures and its effect in the Workplace

The Costa Rica government announced on April 27, 2020, certain adjusted preventive measures that will be in effect until May 15, 2020, which are somehow intended to reactivate the economic activities in the country.

Movie theaters, places to practice non-contact sports, gyms and swimming schools are now allowed to reopen during the weekdays under specific conditions and strict prevention preventive protocols, which are based on the conditions of the workplace, the business activity and the guidelines issued by the government.

Employers must contemplate certain considerations as part of the change to the “new normal”, which implies, in the first place, compliance with requirements, protocols and preventive measures, which in turn entail documenting these through policies prepared for the specific situation and business activity. The current state of the operation must also be analyzed: ¿Do we need to reduce the workday or suspend employment agreements? If the answer is yes: ¿What needs to be done? ¿Are the submitted requests or authorizations granted by the Ministry of Labor left without effect? ¿Do we need to send a communication to this authority?, among many other questions that arise as a consequence of the relaxation of measures.

Teleworking, however, is still the preferred option for the government and all the companies that can implement and maintain it, and employers must make sure that it is performed according to the guidelines set under Law 9738 – Law to implement Teleworking - and its regulations. Employers must ensure that all or most of the work activities related to the employees are properly documented, including the work schedule, teleworking conditions and equipment, support, information security, obligations of both the employees and the employer, among others.

DV Business Solutions is always up-to-date and ready to provide timely legal and tax advice and assistance to our clients. If you have any doubts or questions with respect to these obligations, or any other issues that may affect your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let’s work together towards the “new normal”. Contact us!

Daniel Araya

Socio / Partner

Vladimir Blanco

Socio / Partner


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