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The “New Normal” at the Workplace

The need of economic reactivation has arisen and, as a result, the need for the authorities to become more flexible with the measures imposed on the business sector, which in turn, implies the reopening of different types of businesses and the possibility for workers to return to their jobs. This situation is very positive, taking into account that the majority of people want to return to their daily routine; nevertheless, we are not in the position to simplify or rush any decisions regarding this long-awaited reactivation.

A number of considerations and precautions should be considered by employers in preparation for the reopening of the workplaces in a safe way (for both the employees and the customers), for example:

  • Physical presence at work: Once the government restrictions are lifted, businesses must consider the following questions: Who should be physically at the workplace? When should they come back? It is important to take into consideration the kind of tasks employees perfiorm at work, in other words, evaluate the need for them to be physically present to execute their functions; which should be done gradually instead of all of them returning at the same time. In addition, businesses must identify which employees are fit for teleworking without affecting their productivity level, with the objective of maintaining only the strictly necessary number of people at the workplace.

  • Security measures at the workplace: A proactive attitude should be maintained for the planning and execution of security and health measures applicable at the workplace to avoid the risk of spreading the virus or, at least, to minimize it. Businesses should be prepared to accomplish social distancing measures and, for that reason, they must: a) optimize the use of physical space; b) reposition work stations; c) have all recommended supplies, such as face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, and other cleaning supplies for the work stations.

  • Proactive communication with coworkers: Employees should be clear about the new applicable rules at the workplace. Protocols and new procedures, as well as the adopted security measures, must be reviewed and explained to them, so they can become mandatory for all. It is important to reinforce this message, through proper documentation and effective communication, making emphasis about their compulsory nature at the workplace.

Some other situations to be considered are: a) if customers visit your company, a reception protocol should be implemented and comply with the recommendations issued by the health authorities; b) to track down and report all diseases and, c) to report employees who are not complying with the security measures or not practicing social distancing at the workplace. As mentioned above, all of these measures are to become mandatory for all employees.

Since the security measures have become more flexible, it is now a crucial moment to plan a safe, efficient, effective and gradual return to the workplace.

DV Business Solutions is always up-to-date and ready to provide timely legal and tax advice and assistance to our clients. If you have any doubts or questions with respect to these obligations, or any other issues that may affect your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Daniel Araya

Socio / Partner

Vladimir Blanco

Socio / Partner


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